Your wedding day is your own. Keep it that way.

I believe your wedding day should be filled with meaning and intention, instead of simply following traditions for tradition's sake. I would describe my work as wild, ethereal, and bold.

With me as your photographer, you can expect candid, heartfelt images from your grand celebration of love.

Unlike many other photographers, weddings are my desired destination, not a means to an end. I sincerely love being there to document these moments. The couple's first dance always makes me tear up. I love taking in the little details, being a fly on the wall. 



I want to work with couples who want to make their wedding day unique to their relationship. To be their own individuals. What does that mean? Well, firstly, what it DOESN’T mean is that in order to make your wedding day your own that you have to follow the elopement trend, or the wedding in the woods trend, or any trend whatsoever. Do you see what I’m saying? Making your day your own means that you don’t have to do anything. It means you get to free yourself of expectation, obligation, tradition, etc., and just do whatever the hell YOU want. It means you get to ask, “Do I really care about cutting a cake in front of people? Do I really care about a bouquet toss, a first dance, a big reception, etc.?” If the answer is yes, then do those things! But if it’s no, give yourself permission to drop them, and do something that feels more true to who you are. Give yourself permission to be your own. That’s what excites me as a photographer.


If you'd like to get a better idea of what a full wedding day looks like for me, click here.