Hi. I'm Meg.

Image courtesy of Inframes Photography

Image courtesy of Inframes Photography

I'm the sort of person with a habit of saying things most would consider awkward. Reason: I'm a terrible actress. Any situation in which I'm expected to act contrary to my feelings drains me of energy. I crave genuine interaction with other people, and find myself continuously baffled at how "normal" behavior always seems to get in the way.

This awkwardness, I have found, is an immensely helpful tool in quickly and efficiently finding my kindred spirits - People who value honest interactions as much as I do. 

Finding photography has been a true gift, as I get to connect with the people I work with, and document their connections with those most important to them. Like I said, a gift.

I'm married to a very tall, very dark, very handsome, very bearded man. We live in a century-old, cozy little house with a cat whom we lovingly refer to as "Kitty." We like collecting records and pretending to be musicians. Our love is my life's proudest accomplishment, and has given me a place of security and belonging that I never imagined could actually exist.

Other than these, I love books, candles, rain, the incessant magic of sunlight, and any song Conor Oberst ever wrote.