A Little Bit of Spooky - Hannah & Taylor First Look

We met on the quiet shore of the lake that centers our little valley. When I first saw Hannah in her dress, I was stunned. It suited her so perfectly. Her bouquet was made by her mother, complete with herbs and wild flowers. Every detail was so delicate and timeless.; I couldn't believe my luck at being able to capture these two and their wedding day. 

I said to them, "I know this location just looks like a bunch of dead trees, but I promise -"

Taylor cut me off, "Oh, no, we trust you!"

That's my favorite sentence. The crescent moon came out at the end, just in time, to greet us through bare branches of the grand old trees, as if a signal from the heavens. It just wouldn't be my work without a little bit of spooky.

Meg Mulvey