Oh, Be Wild

Documentation for the untamed soul.



Your wedding day is your own -

Keep it that way


Nothing excites me more than working with couples who want to make their wedding unique to their relationship. I believe your wedding day should be filled with meaning and intention, instead of simply following traditions for tradition's sake. Unlike many other photographers, weddings are my desired destination, not a means to an end. I sincerely love being there to document these moments. The couple's first dance always makes me tear up. I love taking in the little details, being a fly on the wall. With me as your photographer, you can expect candid, heartfelt images from your grand celebration of love.



I want to capture your family just as they are. If you're looking for a photographer who will take you to whatever park is closest to you, sit you on an awkward rock and say "cheese," then you have a lot of options.

But that is not me.

My goal is to document connection, stories, individuality. I'm not as concerned about getting everyone's entire face in every single shot as I am about capturing the way your family interacts. Please don't worry about your kids having meltdowns or spitting up on clothes. I expect those things, and usually carry some extra tissues for wiping noses. I'll help carry anything from diaper bags to actual babies. Feel free to come to the session with snacks, toys - anything that will help them feel more comfortable. Let's go somewhere beautiful and have an adventure.



Are we meant to be?

If you can see yourself in my photos; if you have an appreciation for the process of creating moving images, not just the end result; if you value honest connection; if your idea of beauty is just a little bit wild...

Then, please, let's go somewhere and make something.

To my couples:

My ideal client values artful documentation, and wants to make their wedding day their own. I believe that beautiful images come from real-life moments and heartfelt adventure. My formal sessions consist of taking my couples to beautiful spaces in nature. You can expect me to ask you some personal questions to help you relax and forget I'm there. I'm happy to work with anyone who wants to work with me, but if you don't like the idea of having some vulnerable moments with me, or are more concerned about getting your wedding dress a little dusty than you are about making magic happen, we might not be a perfect fit.

To My families:

I refuse to put you in a box.

I don't need all of you to be smiling at the camera. I find images like that stiff and uninspiring; I think they're missing the point, stripping everyone in it of their individuality. I can't stand to do that. If that's what you're looking for, there are many who can oblige. But I won't put my people in boxes. It is not my job to limit you, but to really see you, and capture exactly what that is.


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Wedding packages start at $950. Couple/family sessions start at $350.

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